Register for the Living Architecture Performance Tool by December 17 to be Among the First Certified Projects

The deadline to register a project to the pilot phase of the Living Architecture Performance Tool (LAPT) and be among the first certified projects is rapidly approaching.

The LAPT is a rating system and resource, designed to certify that green roofs and walls are designed to achieve certain measurable and replicable performance benefits, so that they can be funded, designed, installed, and maintained with a higher degree of confidence.

Providing performance benchmarks will increase the efficacy of living infrastructure and bolster industry-wide credibility. Designers, building owners, and maintenance professionals can use the LAPT to optimize the range of benefits possible from their projects, while policy makers can also use the tool to maximize public benefits and create effective policies for living architecture.

For more information, visit the Living Architecture Performance Tool Page or contact Rohan Lilauwala.