introduction toGreen Infrastructure: PRINCIPLES, APPLICATIONS, AND POLICIES

Green infrastructure means natural and human-made elements that provide ecological and hydrological functions and processes, including components like parklands, stormwater management systems, street trees, urban forests, permeable surfaces, and green roofs. Despite its many benefits, capacity to use, create policy for, incentivize, and apply green infrastructure is limited. This course is designed to build this capacity in the public and private sector by introducing green infrastructure through its types, benefits, principles, applications, and successful policies.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the range of possible benefits using green infrastructure

  • Learn the principles behind incorporating green infrastructure into community building projects

  • Understand the various elements and functions of green infrastructure

  • Understand the barriers to green infrastructure implementation

  • Understand the planning process designed to develop a comprehensive green infrastructure planning and implementation strategy

  • Learn about successful policies implemented in other jurisdictions

valuing the benefits of green infrastructure: principles and methods

The benefits of green infrastructure (like urban trees, rain gardens, and green roofs) are well known, but difficult to value. This difficulty creates an obstacle, where green infrastructure is often not considered when making important investment and asset management decisions. The goal of this course is to help individuals, especially those in the public sector, to value the benefits provided by green infrastructure in their communities.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the range of cost & benefits possible using different types of green infrastructure

  • Learn the principles behind economic valuation of these costs & benefits

  • Understand the methods used to monetarily value the benefits of green infrastructure

  • Learn how to apply these methods to generate values for the benefits of planned and existing green infrastructure in your community

  • Learn how to utilize these valuations to educate decision makers about the benefits of green infrastructure protection, development, maintenance and management

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities has many additional courses available at the Living Architecture Academy online training platform.