Making the case for green infrastructure investment in your community

We need to be able to envision a greener and healthier future for our communities and understand the cost and benefits of implementation. The Green Infrastructure Charrette Program is designed to help community leaders and policy makers to examine how living green infrastructure investment might work on the streets, roofs and walls of their own communities. Living green infrastructure is all too often taken for granted, or not even factored in to the development and redevelopment of communities. 

The program consists of the following elements:

  • A one day Green Infrastructure Design Charrette with multi-disciplinary volunteers to redesign specific neighbourhoods in need, with fifteen generic types of green infrastructure as their tools
  • A cost-benefit matrix of values, tailored to your community and to be used to generate an aggregate financial analysis of the proposed designs
  • Development of refined visuals of proposed redesigns

The combination of engaging visuals and financial analysis help to articulate a compelling vision for green infrastructure investment, opening the eyes of community leaders and policy makers to the possibility of transforming their communities.

So far the Charrette program has been hosted in six Ontario municipalities (Brampton, London, Mississauga, Oshawa, Toronto, and Vaughan), as well as in Harlem, New York; New Bedford, Massachusetts; and Seattle, Washington.